Global Business Academy’s e-learning platform is all about performance acceleration.

By adding context to learning, we transform traditional knowledge transfer into an experience that delivers the skillsets you require to achieve your goals. As a result, you see immediate performance enhancement.


Blended learning is the term we use to describe our unique platform.

Unlike traditional courses, Global Business Academy’s unique e-learning programme brings India into your office.

Using a series of interactive videos, self-learning and consultation, we’ll help you understand why the challenges you are facing occur and provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to overcome them.

By adding a personal consultation element, we provide you with a ‘sounding board’ to drive engagement and help develop the right strategy to meet your particular objects.

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Why India?

Over recent years, India has proved to be an essential extension of the workforce for many western companies.

India’s growing economy, and emergence as a key skills market (such as in the IT sector), is making it an increasingly attractive location to do business.

However, the lack of knowledge in working globally efficiently causes misunderstandings. These lead to problems, such as missed deadlines, poor quality work, increased levels of rework, and missed targets.

The reason for choosing India as a starting point is a direct response to requests from our clients.


Today’s workforce is increasingly global.

According to the Institute for the Future, by 2020, cross - cultural competency will become the number four skill, not just for expats, but also for all workers.

This is why our work here is not yet complete.

The problems outlined earlier are not just confined to western colleagues working with their Indian counterparts. Misunderstandings also occur when Indian workers engage with western companies.

That’s why we are currently working on a programme for Indians. This ‘Understanding the West’ programme helps Indian professionals learn how westerners perceive their way of communicating and collaborating:

- What do they like about working with Indians?
- What do westerners not understand or interpret
    in the wrong way
- What are the leading causes of frustration and distrust?

Again, giving them the knowledge and tools to work more effectively with their western peers, which can lead to a significant increase in performance.


According to McKinsey & Co., 30% of U.S. companies say they’ve lost international business opportunities because they lack global leadership capacity.

Our programme addresses this problem by combining consultancy and peer learning. Enabling you to intertwine learning with relevant KPIs, we’ll help you create this vital global skillset.

By explaining how Indians think and act, you can assess daily situations to anticipate problems, actions, and reactions. Coupled with practical tools and how-tos, you are empowered to immediately apply your new knowledge and skills in your work to be more efficient. Plus, throughout your learning, our consultants are at hand to answer your questions and to make sure your strategy is defined, and you have a plan of action in place so to maximise your effectiveness at work.

But the most significant benefit for our clients is the measurable impact our programme creates.

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In 2019 we're looking to expand in China and the US. By 2021 we aim to be working in 15 countries on all continents.

So let us know which country you work with.

Do you come across issues similar to the ones you’ve read about here ?

If so, please let us know so we can consider it for our next country programme.

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