No individual is the same. No company is the same. This is why all our work is customised. Always. Your business goals are our starting point. Solving your challenges is our goal. That’s how we accelerate impact.

But we don’t stop there. Most companies that deliver training measure its impact through satisfaction surveys. But this only shows how happy the delegates were with the teaching; it doesn't indicate how effectively that new knowledge is being applied to the business. At Global Business Academy, we do. Officially certified by the ROI Institute Europe, all our measurements follow their standards. Below are our 2019 results.

Global Business Academy


The first three measurements show the satisfaction scores of our e-learning, workshops and coaching. This is Level 1 on the ROI pyramid. The score has to be a minimum of 7,5. Scores higher than 80% mean that our work is in the ‘green zone’ and the content is relevant to our learner’s work.

The Intent to use shows the likelihood that our learners will apply what they have learnt in their work. This is Level 2 on the ROI pyramid. The score has to be a minimum 80%. Only when learners apply the knowledge, will it create impact for the company. With 95%, our work is in the very high end of the ‘green zone’ and our learner apply the learnings.

The top 3 results are the indicators from our learners which results they reported. With 12 results to choose from, our learner ticked an average of 2,81 boxes. We are proud that 73% of all our learners experienced an improvement in meeting deadlines and an increase in efficiency.

Global Business Academy


Global Business Academy