Most companies that deliver training measure its impact through satisfaction surveys. But this only shows how happy the delegates were with the teaching; it doesn't indicate how effectively that new knowledge is being applied to the business.

Global Business Academy is all about creating better business for our clients through measurable impact.

Officially certified by the ROI Institute Europe to measure the impact of our programme on business results, our five-step approach gives you a clear indication of the positive effect on your business.

Global Business Academy

Measuring impact

Measuring impact is not a simple case of filling out a questionnaire. It takes commitment and time from both the client and Global Business Academy. Steps 1 to 3 are carried out for all learners. Steps 4 and 5 are completed if requested by our clients at an additional cost. The smallest group size for a representative impact measurement is 20 learners. We usually do this in situations where clients want to test results before rolling it out into the entire organisation.

Step 1

Impact only occurs when learning is relevant to the job, and there is intent to use the new knowledge in the workplace. We measure both the satisfaction on relevance as well as the intent to use.

Step 2

Through consultative support, we not only make sure the learner understands the material but also knows how to use it within his or her work environment. We ensure every user creates a strategy to tackle problems that may prevent them him or her from meeting their objectives.

Step 3

This is where the learner starts to implement the strategy they created in step 2. We provide support in its application through self-learning, peer learning and personal consultancy. As a result, every learner has implemented the changes needed to reach his or her objectives by the end of the training programme, helping your business achieve its goals.

Step 4

We measure the impact over a six-month period. In the measurements, we isolate the effects of our solution as well as other enablers and disablers that impact results. Also, we gauge both the financial impact of the programme on business results as well as the intangible outcomes such as motivation, reputation etc.

Step 5

The final step is the calculation of the overall cost of the Global Business Academy solution, including costs for both the time staff spent on the platform and that stakeholders spent on bringing Global Business Academy into the organisation. After deducting the costs from level 4 impact, we can calculate the overall Return on Investment.

Global Business Academy