Privacy statement

The aim of this privacy statement is to explain how we collect and process your personal data, in an easy and transparent way.

Personal data is the data we collect that can be linked back to you, such as your name, email address, year of birth. You share information with us when you register for the newsletter and when you enter the platform as a learner.

The data we collect for our website (Google Analytics) and newsletter are for the intended purpose: to send newsletters and to improve our website. We do not share our data with any parties outside Global Business Academy.

For our e-learning, we have two types of data:

Personal information.

When you first log in to the website, you are asked to fill in a lot of information. There is a reason we ask this:

The purpose of Global Business Academy’s platform is mutual learning: you learn from other people’s opinions and they learn from yours – all in an anonymised manner. This gives insights how perceptions on the same situations differ. Western learners see the aggregated answers of the Indian professionals and vice versa. Answers are never linked to a name, surname, email address or company; it is always shown as part of a group - for example Female, an age group or seniority. This helps each learner to compare their answer with the answers that are most relevant to his/her work situation.


Each learning block ends with self-learning where you reflect on what you have learnt and want to implement in your work to reach your objectives. Your self-learning and objectives cannot be seen, accessed or used by Global Business Academy or your employer. Only you can download and share your own self-learning.

More information about our privacy policy is in the full statement on this page. You may also contact us via: or by phone on +31 (0)20 111 9333.

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