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The Asian century has begun. By 2040, Asia will account for half of the world economy. Asia enables cost savings through offshoring and outsourcing so that companies can stay competitive. It is the number one supplier of scarce tech talent.

Yet Asia is also a continent that does things differently.

To lift off with Asia’s growth, you need to be able to walk the thin line between empowering local teams to execute the right strategy for Asia and making full use of your multinational strengths.

To capitalise on your investments in offshore talent, you need to avoid the costly top 3 traps: high levels of re-work, missed deadlines and knowing about problems too late.

Through workshops, executive briefings and blended e-learning, Global Business Academy helps you enhance your success in Asia.


Global Business Academy is a performance accelerator that provides video-based e-learning, workshops and Executive Briefings.

Our four step methodology was created with the input of over 1,000 Asian professionals. We help you to understand local workplace behaviour, anticipate potential misalignment, get feedback, avoid and solve problems.

All our work is customised. Always. Your business goals are our starting point. Solving your challenges is our goal. That’s how we accelerate impact, so that you can optimise the strategic advantages of doing business in Asia.

Our unique four step methodology

Understand, recognise and anticipate (re)actions from your colleagues and stakeholders in Asia.

We are all half the cultural difference. What are your strengths? What may Asian colleagues find challenging about you?

Ability to recognise a no in a ‘yes’, get feedback, prevent and solve problems, give negative feedback and motivate.

Transfer your new skills to your personal work goals and challenges. Solve problems. Work smarter.

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The re-work within our organisation was 30%. This means that for every 100 hours of work done in India, we had to do another 30 hours in Europe. We worked with Global Business Academy to reduce re-work. It worked very well. Because our EU staff learnt how to work effectively together, re-work dropped. Satisfaction levels went up and because our EU staff trusted India with more complex work, our profitability increased. Work pressure in Europe dropped and motivation in India went up. This program is more than just India – it teaches skillsets that work well within Europe too.

Big 4 company


We have been happily working with our outsourcing partner for a long time. We didn’t have any problems, but we did have a wish. Our business is changing. We are no longer just a retailer but also an IT company. Our IT is outsourced. Some of the smartest brains work in India. We wanted to break through our vendor-client relationship. Rather than only listening to us, we want them to come up with suggestions, ideas, innovations. We chose Global Business Academy because they are the only company that shares the practical expertise how to achieve this.

Top 5 global food retail company


We do a lot of work with Asia. Some of us who have global responsibilities, find it hard to be an effective matrix manager – often due to mis-alignment with local Asian leadership. Others work with outsource vendors in India. And we have colleagues who work with our engineering center in India who support us with renewing our factories. Whilst we all have our own challenges, Global Business Academy really taught each of us new skills how to work together more effectively. The knowledge is practical and can be applied immediately. It made a real difference in our day-to-day work.

Global chemical company