• Video-based e-learning to help your western
    and India teams work smarter

  • Aligning expectations with achievements

  • Better teamwork between the west
    and India drives better results


There’s no such thing as an inherent problem when dealing with team members in India.

It’s frustrating when your clear strategy results in poor outcomes. Not because you’re doing anything wrong, but because you’re dealing with a country that does things differently.

You could carry on accepting that problems will occur, or you could empower your people using the most formidable weapon in the business world – knowledge.

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Global Business Academy is a performance accelerator that combines video-based e-learning with consultancy to help your teams anticipate and understand obstacles. As a result, they will overcome them, optimising the strategic advantages of doing business in India.

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Transforming your global mind-set to a global skillset

A global mind-set, strong teamwork and effective leadership underpin developing your global skillset. Our programme concentrates on these three areas to ensure measurable impact on your business.

Think local,
Act global

Develop an authentic understanding of the different work ethics in your global offices. By understanding how colleagues think and act, you will learn to anticipate and avoid potential problems.

Teamwork that

Strengthen teamwork by applying your new knowledge with peers immediately. Skilfully secure commitment, understand a ‘no’ in a ‘yes’ and solicit and give feedback like an expert.


Raise the emotional intelligence of your leadership approach to naturally connect with geographically remote teams. Understand cultural nuances to anticipate issues before they jeopardise your global strategy.


Powerful ‘see-learn- act’ model

Consultancy combined with video-based e-learning immerses you in another way of working using natural business interactions, and reactions. Tailored to your own challenges, we’ll work with you to ensure you are able to transfer your new skills to your everyday working life.

Real business scenarios

Learn through 30+ vivid, professionally acted scenarios that reflect the way corporate India works. This delivers a unique insight into the Indian way of communicating and collaborating.

Instant feedback

Our interactive platform enables you to compare your perceptions of specific scenarios with those of 800 real Indian business people. Understanding these intrinsic differences, provide relevant learning insights to help you better interpret behaviours.

Local analysis

The programme uses a diverse panel of local business experts who give their interpretations and case study analyses. Their feedback clearly explains the reasons behind Indian business behaviour, helping you create a powerful strategy for successful collaborations.

Indian insights

By selecting from a range of short documentaries, you will gain real life insights into Indian aspects relevant to international business. This additional understanding will make you more resourceful when dealing with challenges.

Learning integration

Easy overviews of key learnings, coupled with consultancy-led self-learning help you develop the skills needed to put your new knowledge into practice immediately. Our consultants work with you to set up effective strategies to ensure you achieve your goals.

Global Business Academy


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A global leader in IT services wants to strengthen communication and co-operation between its western and Indian teams. A group of 10 western team members are using Global Business Academy to measure the improvement in internal communication, team performance and client satisfaction.

A successful European SME company has just won a large tender in India. They have 250 Indian staff members, but when European management is not present, performance decreases. They are currently using Global Business Academy to learn how they can overcome this challenge. In addition, they want to use the program to minimise risk and learn how the project can be completed within the agreed time frame, within budget and with a high level of client satisfaction.

India presents huge savings through offshoring and outsourcing strategies. A large global consultancy company wants to take the value of its Shared Services division to the next level by enhancing communication and fostering a spirit of mutual respect and understanding. By increasing the value and utilisation of the Shared Services division, rework is diminished, billable hours are increased and staff motivation enhanced.