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It’s frustrating when your clear strategy results in poor outcomes. Not because you’re doing anything wrong, but because you’re dealing with a country that does things differently. You could carry on accepting that problems will occur, or empower your people using the most formidable weapon in the business world – knowledge. We helped companies lower 30% re-work, helped teams shorten 3 month product launch delays and reduced onboarding times by taking out learning by trial and error. What are the hidden costs of miscommunication within your division?
Robotisation has arrived. All work that can be done by computers is disappearing. The ‘human’ work that remains, is increasingly complex. The demand for talent who can think outside the box, are socially intelligent and can communicate, collaborate, lead and influence in a globally connected world is enormous. Yet this world is vastly different. What makes you successful in one country, leads to failure in another. This is why cross cultural communication is the top 3 skillset of the future. Be an early adaptor and empower yourself with the skillset of the future.
Humans are hard wired to surround ourselves with people who think and act like us. Unconsciously, we see ourselves as ‘normal’. In the global workplace, this means that the person who doesn’t speak up on calls, doesn’t complete work as ‘promised’ and acts subservient is quickly labelled as unknowledgeable, untrustworthy and insecure. By understanding what drives their behaviour and reflecting on your own way of working, inclusive thinking is embedded, making you a more valuable team player.


Global Business Academy is a performance accelerator that combines video-based e-learning, workshops, coaching and events to help your teams anticipate and understand obstacles when working with Asia. All our solutions are tailor-made to help you and your teams understand, anticipate, prevent and solve problems when working with colleagues and stakeholders in Asia. You learn to create one team and elevate performance so that your organisation can optimise the strategic advantages of doing business in Asia.

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Transforming your global mindset to a global skillset

Understanding the local mindset, knowing how to create a strong performing team and how to be an effective leader underpin your success in Asia. Our programs concentrate on these three areas to provide the knowledge you need to achieve success.

Think local,
Act global

Develop an authentic understanding how people communicate and collaborate in Asia so that you recognise (re)actions. Learn to anticipate issues before they jeopardise your global strategy.

Teamwork that

Strengthen teamwork by learning new skillsets how to work more effectively and efficiently. Skilfully secure commitment, understand a ‘no’ in a ‘yes’ and solicit and give feedback like an expert.

Lead like
a pro

Raise the emotional intelligence of your leadership approach to naturally connect with geographically remote teams. Know how to lead and influence local teams and stakeholders.

Global Business Academy


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The re-work within our organisation was 30%. This means that for every 100 hours of work done in India, we had to do another 30 hours in Europe. We bought the program to reduce re-work. It worked very well. Because our EU staff learnt how to work effectively together, re-work dropped. Satisfaction levels went up and because our EU staff trusted India with more complex work, our profitability increased. Work pressure in Europe dropped and motivation in India went up. This program is more than just India – it teaches skillsets that work well within Europe too.

Big 4 company


We have been happily working with our outsourcing partner for a long time. We didn’t have any problems, but we did have a wish. We no longer see ourselves as a food retailer but as an IT company. Our IT is outsourced. Some of the smartest brains work in India. We want to break through our vendor-client relationship. Rather than only listening to us, we want them to come up with suggestions, ideas, innovations. This is why we chose Global Business Academy to learn the skills how to achieve this.

Top 5 global food retail company


Our senior leadership didn’t always co-operate with each other. They were concerned about their own KPI’s, but how that impacted other divisions was not taken into consideration. Our India sales team was competing with global teams for the same business. My aim for this program was to learn how I can decrease competitiveness, get the leaders to think about the company’s interest rather than their own and decide which local leader will take over my position when I leave India. I have been an expat in India for 18 months. Despite my ample India experience, I still found this program an eye opener. The coaching helped me to brainstorm so that I created a clear strategy for my remaining 18 months in India.

Global chemical company