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Ilse Kerling has 25 years of Asia business experience. She lived in Asia Pacific for 13 years, where she set up multiple business units for several companies. At the age of 28 Ilse was asked by Verizon to set up business units in Sydney and Melbourne. A year later she was awarded best achiever amongst all sales professionals and managers of Verizon International.

When she returned to the Netherlands 10 years ago, she helped companies expand into Asia. She noticed that professionals know exactly what they want to achieve, yet they are often unaware how to achieve this in a fast and effective way. It was the moment she started to reflect on her own experience: without having a clue why, how she was very successful in Japan. How she was totally unsuccessful in Singapore. How her excellent Chinese manager got fired simply because the US based director didn’t understand him. How twenty thousand dollar was wasted annually by sending all Asian staff to the US for training that was never applied (perceived too rude). Ilse realised how it had taken her many years, trials and errors to learn.

And with that, a passion was born.

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Yvo Kühling

Yvo Kühling has a strong business acumen in sales & marketing. He has also been active in supporting scale ups, helping them to reach the next levels through funding and market penetration. He has collaborated with companies across the globe and for the past year, he has worked as Business Developer for Global Business Academy in the Delhi region.

Laura Lammers

Laura Lammers has a strong background in communication. She has been a part of Global Business Academy in India from the start. Her natural way of engaging internationals has given us a strong footprint in Mumbai, where Laura is involved in Business Development for our company.

Meredith Mehra

Meredith Mehra has moved to India 10 years ago and has been there ever since. Her involvement in the international community in Bangalore has given her a deep understanding of the challenges many international companies face in India. Her time in India gained her strong insights in the Indian business culture as well. Meredith is developing our business from Bangalore.


My goal for Global Business Academy is to expand into 15 countries. When this is achieved, I will move onto my dream: to set up a Foundation called ‘Ideas Worth Doing’ (not coincidentally the same name as the division I set up for TEDxAmsterdam). There are many inspiring companies with great ideas that will benefit the planet. And they need help. I made a commitment that 80% of my shares will go into the foundation so that I can support the great work of others.

Dreams flourish with the help of others. Please dream with us. Share our news, buy our program, give a recommendation, provide feedback what’s great and how we can improve, allow us to use your logo, tell your friends about us, or simply wish us well.

Thank you for dreaming with us, Ilse Kerling