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An enterprise-level, video-based e-learning platform to perfect communication and understanding. Helping you meet the challenges of working with geographically dispersed teams.

Global Business Academy


Create agile teams to meet global demands

Global Business Academy

Think local, act global
Develop an authentic understanding of the different work ethics in your global offices. By knowing how colleagues think and act, you’ll learn to anticipate – and avoid – potential problems.

Global Business Academy

Teamwork that delivers
Strengthen teamwork by applying your new knowledge with peers immediately. Skillfully secure commitment, understand a ‘no’ in a ‘yes’ and solicit and give feedback like an expert, plus more.

Global Business Academy

Lead like a pro
Raise the emotional intelligence of your leadership approach and more naturally connect with geographically remote team members. Understand cultural nuances to anticipate issues before they jeopardise your global strategy.

What makes us unique

Global Business Academy

Powerful ‘see-learn-act’ model

Immerse yourself in another way of working through natural business interactions, and reactions.

Global Business Academy

Local analysis

Watch a panel of local business experts give their own interpretations and case study analyses.

Global Business Academy

Real business scenarios

Learn through 30+ vivid, professionally acted scenarios tailored to your own profession.

Global Business Academy

Cultural insights

Select from a range of short documentaries showcasing cultural aspects relevant to international business.

Global Business Academy

Instant feedback

Compare your perceptions to those of real-life business people to better interpret behaviours.

Global Business Academy

Learning integration

Easy overviews of key learnings provide the insights necessary to put learnings into practice immediately.

Borje Ekholm

Ericsson chief executive

‘The Indian market is tough but pushes the company to boost efficiency, besides developing more products and features that could prove useful in other markets’.

Patrice Caine

Chairman and CEO of Thales

‘India clearly is the top center of innovation in the world’.
The Hindu Businessline, March 2017

Merck Serono


‘Merck identified India as one of its key markets with an economy that can be equal or even outpace China in time’.
Economic Times India


A connected world requires connected thinkers

Ilse Kerling and Sabine van Egeraat have a combined international business experience of 35 years. They lived and worked in Asia, Australia, South America and Southern Europe for more than 25 years. Their vision is to improve mutual understanding and strengthen the way people collaborate in a globalised world.

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